Business Broadband Pricing

All services are Premium grade which means they have elevated traffic weighting through the wholesale network. The effect is that during periods of high demand your traffic will have priority.

Below are our standard broadband pricing packages although we are always happy to discuss bespoke broadband packages to suit your business.

WF Connect – Service TypeDownlink
Max speed‡
Max speed‡
Inclusive DataMonthly CostSetup Cost
WF Business ADSL
Customer supplied copper
WF Business ADSL
Watchfront supplied copper *
WF Business FTTC (SOGEA)
Watchfront supplied copper *
WF Business FTTP 80/20 **80Mb/s20Mb/sUnlimited£41£100
WF Business FTTP 220/30 **220Mb/s30Mb/sUnlimited£52£100
WF Business FTTP 550/75 **550Mb/s75Mb/sUnlimited£56£100
WF Business FTTP 1000/115 **1000Mb/s115Mb/sUnlimited£65£100
Bonded WF Business ADSLSee bonded pricing belowSee bonded pricing below
Bonded WF Business FTTCSee bonded pricing belowSee bonded pricing below
‡ The actual speed achieved by ADSL & FTTC depends on your distance from the telephone exchange and the quality of your line.
FireBrick bonding equipment has a maximum combined up and down throughput of approximately 700 Mb/s (FB2900).
* This PSTN line can not be used for telephony.
** FTTP is subject to availability in your area.
ADSL and FTTC require a MODEM which can be provided at cost subject to availability.
If you wish for us to supply you a MODEM, please let us know.
A minimum cancellation notice period of 30 days applies to all services. No other minimum term applies except to WF FTTP (12 months).

If you can’t find the product you are looking for from above whether it be a legacy product or a brand new product, please get in contact.

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    Bonded DSL Pricing

    The below table shows pricing for two line bonded solutions in our standard packages, plus the cost of adding each subsequent line/service with a Watchfront supplied copper.

    Bonded PackageNumber of Bonded LinesData AllowanceMonthly Cost *Set Up Fee
    Bonded WF Business DSL2Unlimited£98£330
    Bonded WF Business DSL3Unlimited£132£495
    Bonded WF Business DSL4Unlimited£166£660
    Bonded WF Business SOGEA2Unlimited£118£330
    Bonded WF Business SOGEA3Unlimited£162£495
    Bonded WF Business SOGEA4Unlimited£206£660
    * Monthly costs include all equipment rentals
    FireBrick bonding equipment has a maximum combined up and down throughput of approximately 700 Mb/s (FB2900)
    Call a member of the team on 020 7517 4900 to discuss your connectivity needs and how a Watchfront solution could benefit your business


    • All prices exclude VAT
    • Monthly costs are charged in advance, and payable by direct debit, BACS or credit card
    • The minimum contract term is one month
    • Service is supplied subject to our standard terms & conditions and guaranteed in accordance with our colocation service level agreement
    • Customers must agree to and are bound by our acceptable use policy for all internet service provision
    • To purchase a product or service, please contact us