Colocation SLA

Watchfront are dedicated to providing professional, reliable and hassle free colocation of your servers

All our racks are in a secure temperature controlled environment with backup power supplies coming from on site generators and UPSes. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions. All colo contracts are 1 month rolling unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

Our commitment to you

We will guarantee that your equipment will remain powered, have network connection and be in a temperature controlled environment 100% of the time you are with us. Should there be an unscheduled interruption of more than 60 minutes in any 24 hour period, you may claim a refund of one day’s rental for the affected service. Should a single interruption exceed 24 hours, you may claim a refund of one month’s rental for the affected service. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the event. The SLA will not be honoured for if your account is not completely up to date at the time the outage occurred.

We will not be held liable in any way for failure of your own equipment, software or maintenance activity, nor for catastrophic failure caused by Force Majeure or circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

In order to maintain our service to you we do have to carry out maintenance from time to time. We will notify you in advance and keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. Normal (non-emergency) maintenance will be scheduled outside normal office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Any interruption caused by planned maintenance does not qualify for compensation.

Your commitment to us

You will contact us by e-mail to or phone 020 7517 4999 or mobile 07976 634111 or 07973 292575 as soon as you detect a fault you believe to be our responsibility. The outage time is considered to have begun as soon as the call is made and confirmed.

Unless requested from and provided by us, you must ensure suitable backup and disaster recovery strategies are in place and working.

You will not consider us to be liable for any consequential costs arising from an outage.

You will adhere to our standard terms and conditions and make the correct monthly payments to us by direct debit, BACS or credit card.